Our Services


We simplify your Payroll, Attendance, Roster & Leave and other HR tasks


We help set up your online store with various integrations to common marketplaces

ERP Systems

We gather requirements from your operations and tailor make a solution for you

Ticketing System

We build ticketing systems for your internal helpdesk as well as for external clients

Membership System

We help clubs and organizations manage their members and subscribers

Accounting Software

We provide accounting tools and integrate to any accounting system you have.

Location Services

We tailore solutions that utilizes locations of users, resources and hardware

Logistics Tracking

Streamlining supply chains with precision, our system offers real-time insights

CTO as a Service

We offer CTO as a Service, providing you with expert technology leadership on-demand. Our service helps businesses develop and execute tech strategies, manage projects, and drive innovation without the cost of a full-time executive.

Advisory & Consultations
Interviewing Candidates
System Architecture
Cloud Architecture

Optimized User Experience

We build intuitive dashboards that provide valuable insights, helping you visualize and analyze your data effectively. Our dashboards are designed to support informed decision-making and drive business growth by presenting key metrics in a clear and actionable format.

Sales Breakdown & Funnel
Revenue by Channel & Devices
Sales Forecast

100+ Systems Integrated

We offer seamless integration services, connecting your business to a wide variety of systems. Our expertise ensures smooth data flow and interoperability, enhancing your operations and maximizing efficiency across different platforms and technologies.

ERP Systems
Payment Gateway & Terminals
IoT Devices
Accounting Software